Turkey earthquake latest update: Erdogan asked for investigation as death toll rises

Time is running out to save survivors as the rescue operation faces shortcomings said president Erdogan. The Turkish government has talked about the 1,262 people’s death while around 1900 people have died in rebel-controlled northern areas. In total it is thought 19,362 people have died. The UN aid convoy has reached northwest Syria from Turkey. The hope to find more survivors are quickly fading and residents of southeast turkey and northwest Syria are criticizing what they call slow search and rescue efforts.

Yet amid the cold rescue workers are still pulling people out alive from the rubble as the search operation continues for a fourth day.UK will continue to work with the UN to support the turkey and Syria-affected areas of the earthquake. France has promised to give 12 million euros in emergency aid to Syria Ten of thousand people across turkey and Syria has become homeless in this devastating earthquake. The building is not of modern design to handle the earthquake. More than 28,000 people have been evacuated from the Kahramanmaras, turkey.

Hundreds of buildings have collapsed in town close to the epicenter of Monday’s deadly earthquake among them a hotel with 40 guests and 20 members that are now rubble. None of the 60 people have been found. According to Syria’s civil defense, 133 buildings are bought down in northern Syria. Since some of the buildings are more than 50 years old, they had surpassed their design life. It is unusual for poorly constructed buildings that collapsed at this level of shaking while the country is in the development stage.

Earthquake predictions about Pakistan and neighboring countries

Rumors have been circulating on social media and WhatsApp groups in Pakistan that a major earthquake is likely to hit the South Asian region—including Pakistan, India, and other countries—in the next few days. The rumors gained momentum when the Twitter handle of an organization calling itself the Solar System Geometry Survey (SSGEOS) predicted seismic activity in some parts of South Asia based on lunar activity, the location and geometry of planets, and other celestial objects.

The prediction was followed by the same account tweeting a video of Dutch seismologist Frank Hoogerbeets pointing at potential areas where seismic activity is likely to take place—including Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. Hoogerbeets is being widely lauded online for correctly predicting. The earthquakes in Syria and Turkiye. Social media and WhatsApp users have since been sharing videos of the Dutch researcher predicting the potential earthquake in India and Pakistan.

Are these predictions can be true?

Modern scientists, who have widely criticized Hoogberts and organizations like the SSGEOS for their flawed and unscientific approach, say it is impossible to predict earthquakes. Neither the USGS nor any other scientists have ever predicted a major earthquake. USGS scientists say they can only calculate the probability that a significant earthquake will occur in a specific area within a certain number of years.

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