Typhoon Jebi: Japan hit by strongest storm in last 25 years


Tokyo: Typhoon Jebi hit Japan today and analysts are considering it as one of the deadliest typhoons in the country.

Typhoon Jebi hit Japan by bringing heavy rainfall and violent winds that also prompted evacuation warnings. Winds up to 135 miles (216 kilometers) per hour, caused landfall around midday in western Japan were observed. However, some areas are still trying to recover from the deadly rain a few months ago.

Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, requested people to evacuate the affected areas. In addition, he also ordered government to take all essential steps for the safety of citizens.

Japan’s climate organization has issued alerts about conceivable avalanches, flooding and vicious breezes, and in addition high tides, lightning and tornadoes in a swath of western Japan including the significant urban areas of Osaka and Kyoto.

With winds of up to 100 miles (162 kilometers) every hour at its middle, Jebi is classed as a “very strong” typhoon, the climate office’s central forecaster Ryuta Kurora revealed. However, it is the most strongest since 1993.

In the hours prior to the tempest made landfall, Shikoku, one of four Japanese principle islands, was at that point encountering. He said that savage tempests and the tempests will get more grounded and more grounded.

As the tempest drew nearer, Shinzo Abe assembled a catastrophe reaction conference and dropped an outing to western Japan.


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