Uganda Social Media Tax Provoked Anger among People


Kampala: Ugandans are showing their anger over the Uganda social media tax.

The government imposed the Uganda social media tax to fund public services. However, it is facing intense criticism from people. Twitter, YouTube, Google Hangouts, Facebook, WhatsApp, Yahoo Messenger, and Skype are among the several brands accessed through the telecom networks. However, the cost is 200 Shilling ($0.05) per consumer per day levy to access Over The Top (OTT) services.

Shaban Bantariza, Deputy Government spokesman said that the new tax will be affected from Saturday midnight. He further added that it will provide great revenue to the country. Uganda has more than 23 million cell phone users. However, 17 million of them are the internet users.

Amnesty International asked the government to reverse the Uganda social media tax. The organization elaborated that the new tax will deprive people from freedom of expression which is among basic human rights.


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