UN Security Council Held Emergency Meeting On Syria Conflict


New York: The United Nations called an emergency meeting to discuss the ongoing conflict in Syria. The violence significantly escalated in the country that enforced the United Nations to take steps to resolve the conflict in the region.

Staffan de Mistura, Envoy for Syria, highlighted events over the last 48 hours, including reports of Syrian citizens suffering symptoms that are closely related to the chemical weapons exposure. From few days, photos are circulating about the lifeless people on social media. He said that the UN was not in the position to verify these reports but the ignorance is unacceptable.

Statements of Security Council Members Representatives

Representatives of different countries were present at the meeting and they gave their opinions about the situation in Syria.

  • United States: The US representative said that the situation is going worse in Syria. She said that she already provided photos of chemically exposed children to the Security Council.
  • France: France’s representative said that several photos and videos are coming from Douma that are highlighting victims of chemical exposure. He further added that Assad’s government is involved in a state terrorism against the innocent citizens.
  • United Kingdom: UK’s representative said that the current scenario is worse than the cold war situation during the cold war. He further added that the Russian Federation and Iran are also supporting the Syrian government.
  • Russia: Russian representative denied all allegations and said that US, UK, and France confrontational policy against Syria and the Russian Federation worsen the Syria conflict. He further added that use of chemical gases is not yet confirmed in Douma.


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