United Nations Members Vote on Israel’s Violence in Gaza


The United Nations General Assembly will vote today for the Israel’s brutality in Gaza, Palestine.

The United Nations members will condemn the Israel’s violent acts in Gaza. However, the United States is opposing a resolution as it wants the Palestinian group Hamas to face criticism.

Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador, smashed the fundamentally imbalanced for Arab backed measure’s failure to mention Hamas. In addition, it also proposed an amendment that condemns Hamas. Several Palestinians were died because of the Israeli firing over protestors that killed several protestors in March at Gaza.

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The assembly members will vote on the US-drafted amendment which condemns Hamas for the violence on the Gaza’s border before their vote on the resolution.

Diplomats want the US amendment to fail and also the Arab-supported resolution to be implemented. However, it is not clear that how many votes it will get regardless of the strong US opposition.

Arab member countries are supporting the move turned to the UN Assembly. However, the US utilized its veto power to block the resolution in the Security Council. The resolution’s text was composed by Turkey and Algeria on the behalf of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and Arab League.


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