US envoy visits Kabul after Afghan peace talks with Taliban


US special envoy arrived Afghanistan on Wednesday (yesterday) after the discussion with Afghan Taliban.

US envoy visits Kabul to meet with the key government leaders and to carry on the Afghan peace process. Ealier, talks with Taliban were also held at Abu Dhabi, UAE.

US Taliban talks were aided by Pakistan and officials from Pakistan, UAE, and Saudi Arabia also attended the meeting. Dr Mohammad Faisal, Pakistan’s Foreign Office spokesman revealed about the beginning of US Taliban talks.

It was the third talks between the US authorities and Taliban since the Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad’s appointment as US special envoy for peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan. However, the last talk continued for 3 days.

Earlier, PM Imran Khan also tweeted about Afghan peace process and revealed that Pakistan helped in US Taliban talks in Abu Dhabi. He said that let us pray that it leads to the peace and end the thirty years long suffering of Afghan people. Imran Khan further added that Pakistan will do anything within their control for Afghan peace process.


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