US Govt paid $77,000 for Trump’s Scottish golf resort stay


US government paid more than $77,000 to President Trump’s Scottish golf resort for his stay there a weekend ago.

As per federal records demonstrating that Trump’s legitimate visit to Europe likely created income for his businesses. Trump remained at the resort and played golf there last Saturday, between a summit of the NATO alliance and a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It was uncertain whether the greater part of the installments were made to cover costs for Trump’s visit. The State Department paid Turnberry $7,670 in April and another $70,000 in the days prior to Trump’s visit a week ago, government records indicted.

While other recent presidents have put their assets in a blind trust, Trump has retained ownership of his hotels, golf courses, and other businesses. He handed control of the businesses to his sons shortly before he took office in January 2017. Unlike other presidents, he has refused to release his tax returns.

Trump often plays golf at his resorts in Florida, New Jersey, and Virginia, and Republican candidates and conservative groups frequently hold fundraisers and other events at the Trump International Hotel, a few blocks from the White House.


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