US President Donald Trump thinks Pakistan is in Middle East


Donald Trump, US President revealed mistakenly claimed that Pakistan is in Middle East.

In a meeting with border patrol officers, US President Donald Trump said that Pakistan is in Middle East. The incident happened when the South Texas border official informed Donald Trump that last week they apprehended 2 Pakistanis at the border.

He informed Donald Trump that recently they had 450 apprehensions. Out of which, 133 from countries other than Mexico and the Central American countries. India, they apprehended some Pakistanis, some from Romania, on and on and on.

However, Donald Trump asked that how many of them were Pakistani. The border official replied that they were two. He further added that so far this sector has apprehended folks from 41 different countries. Recently, they apprehended 133 people from countries other than Mexico and Central American countries. That includes individuals from India, China, Pakistan, Romania, Ecuador, Nicaragua, on and on and on.

Donald Trump surprisingly replied that so they apprehended people from the Middle East and they do it all the time. However, none of the countries listed by the border guard are in the Middle East.

Here is the video of Donald Trump statement about location of Pakistan.


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