US President Donald Trump will Meet Queen Elizabeth Next Week


Donald Trump will meet Queen Elizabeth. However, he will become the twelfth US president who met with her.

Donald Trump and Queen Elizabeth’s meeting is scheduled at the next week. In the 66 years of tenure, Queen Elizabeth met 11 US presidents and Trump will become the twelfth after the meeting. She met with all US leaders since Harry S Truman except Lyndon Johnson. However, Trump’s visit is causing controversy and opposition in the Britain. Just 2 US Presidents George W Bush and Barack Obama were invited for the full state visits.

Over 1.86 million people signed a petition against Donald Trump’s visit.  They said that Britain should not give him a state visit as it is an embarrassment for the Queen.

Sadiq Khan, London Mayor, said that Trump will not get a warm welcome in London due to his controversial policies. He further added that Trump will also face huge peaceful protests.


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