US Senator urged Trump for meeting with PM Imran Khan


Lindsey Graham, US Senator urged United States President Donald Trump to do a meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan.

US Senator urged Trump to meet PM Imran Khan and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. However, the aim is to enhance the US Afghanistan efforts for peace.

Lindsey Graham, the Republican, met with Imran Khan in Islamabad and said that he is the agent of change and the new partner would potentially assist in the peace efforts in Afghanistan.

He said that he will urge Donald Trump to meet with PM Imran Khan as soon as possible. He further added that he believes that Donald Trump and Imran Khan will hit it off as they have similar personalities.

Lindsey Graham appreciated PM Imran Khan vision for the political resolution of Afghan issue and said that he (Imran Khan) is the agent of change that he has been looking for.

Recently, the US Pakistan relations have become tensed. However, US officials accused Pakistan several times for turning the blind eye to or even making collaborations with the Afghan Taliban.


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