US to accept WHO-approved COVID-19 vaccines for passengers


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that US will accept WHO-approved COVID-19 vaccines. It must be approve by U.S. regulators international travelers.

White House informs that the US would lift travel bans on air travelers.

Passengers from 33 countries will get relief who get COVID-19 vaccines. These countries included China, India, Brazil and most of Europe.

Six vaccines approved by FDA or listed for emergency use by WHO would meet US travel standards, CDC spokesman said.

However, CDC further inform airlines have notified for eligible vaccines and additional guidance and information as travel requirements are being finalize.

Meanwhile, American Airlines Co, Delta Airlines, United Airlines and others are satisfy with CDC’s decision.

Some countries have pressurize the Biden administration to accept WHO-approve vaccines. Vaccines adopt by the US Food and Drug Administration are not widely use in all countries.


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