US Turns Down Duty-Free Market Access to Pakistan


Trump denies Pakistan’s request for Duty-Free market access for US products said the US president’s aide.

“We want duty-free market access for Pakistan’s exports to the United States, but Trump is the main hurdle,” Adviser to Prime Minister on Commerce, Textile and Industry Abdul Razak Dawood said in the National Assembly standing committee.

He said that the government should try again for the duty-free market access after Trump’s tenure end.

Dawood revealed that China had agreed to relax duty on more Pakistani goods under phase-II of the free trade agreement (FTA-II).

The agreement would be signed during Imran Khan’s visit to Beijing on 28th April.

Dawood Further said that China’s trade minister was not ready to give duty-free market access on 313 goods of Pakistan but Chinese Foreign minister and prime minister were in the favour of giving access to Pakistan.

“China has agreed to provide duty-free market access to 313 Pakistani goods under the FTA-II like the Asian grouping,” he further added that Pakistan may be able to enhance exports to China by $1-2 billion because of the duty relief.

Talking about Pakistani markets being flooded with Chinese products, Dawood said Chinese products were being smuggled from Dubai, adding that the government was working on a plan to amend the law under which certificates of origin would be required for the export of goods from Pakistan.

He said Turkey had refused to offer duty concession on the export of leather and textile products from Pakistan. “Turkey has warned it wants to impose 27% additional duty on the export of these products. It will result in reducing Pakistani exports further.”

He pointed out that FTA talks with Turkey had failed miserably and Pakistan’s exporters had also not been able to explore the potential of Indonesian markets, though Jakarta offered concessions on 20 products.


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