Vladimir Putin Becomes Russian President For The Next Six Years


Vladimir Putin will be the Russian President for next six years as he is inaugurated for the fourth term on Monday.

Vladimir Putin swore to serve the Russian public, defend the country’s sovereignty, and protect public’s freedom and rights. The ceremony took place at Andreyevsky Hall of Grand Kremlin Palace where he is holding the constitution’s gold-embossed copy. Vladimir Putin got a support from over 70% voters that eventually resulted in his victory and his fourth term inauguration as the president.

Putin is 65 years old and became the Russian President with great support form the Russian public. However, he is also facing a great opposition from the West. He is often accused of his confrontation with the West. There is still uncertainty over his decisions and the future of Russia’s economy. However, according to the Russian Constitution, he will not be able to contest for the next Presidential Term in 2024.


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