Vladimir Putin threatened to develop nuclear missiles


Moscow: Yesterday, Vladimir Putin threatened to create the nuclear missiles that are banned under the treaty.

Vladimir Putin revealed that Russia can develop nuclear missiles if the United States withdraws from the Nuclear Treaty. Earlier, US gave the deadline to meet the key arms control agreement.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo revealed that they will withdraw from the Cold War treaty limiting mid-range nuclear arms within 2 months if Russia doesn’t dismantle missiles that the United States claims breach the deal.

On the other side, Vladimir Putin dismissed the statement of Mike Pompeo as the smokescreen. He said that US is already decided to cancel the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces or INF treaty.

Kremlin chief said that “they thought we would not notice”. He said that the Pentagon has earmarked the amount for missiles development that is banned under the treaty. He further added that they are against the destruction of this treaty. But if this happens, they will react accordingly. Putin also revealed that about over dozen countries were creating the mid range missiles of the type that is banned under the INF treaty.


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