Attock Petroleum Ltd – A leading Oil Marking Company offering top quality Lubricants in Pakistan

APL is proud to be synonymous with a future-oriented outlook, and provide technologically advanced products and services that set the standard in precision and quality. Offering a broad spectrum of petroleum products and having over 700 retail outlets.

APL offers a wide range of lubricants blended with top quality base oils and additives at state of the art Automatic Batch Blending facility. Its lubricants and oils take care of all vehicles, “Jaisay Koi Apna”.

Diesel Engine Oils

Anti-wear characteristics have been improved. Control of high-temperature oxidation has been improved. Control of volatility and oil consumption has been improved. Appropriate for use in more severe diesel engines. High-temperature deposits combined with decreased wear, corrosion, foaming, and soot buildup First choice for mix fleet operators for automobiles, trucks, buses, and off-highway vehicles.

Attock Gold Turbo Ultra CI-4/SL, 15W-40�is an extra high-performance diesel engine oil that provides excellent lubrication for modern diesel engines. Attock Gold Turbo Ultra gives outstanding wear protection with optimum viscosity for improved fuel economy.

Attock Gold Turbo CF-4/SG,20W-50�oil is designed to safeguard your engine in extreme operating conditions. It helps to enhance engine life and lower maintenance cost. Protects engine against deposits and lowers acid formation.

Attock Gold CD/SD-50�diesel engine oil is designed to protect your engine under high-temperature conditions. Protects engine moving parts against wear by creating a strong protective film. It ensures superior power and performance. Most suitable for older engines and where CD/SD 50 performance levels are recommended.

Motorcycle Oil

Attock the high viscosity range enables efficient circulation and simple cranking on start, as well as additional protection at high operating temperatures. These characteristics provide complete protection, particularly for engines working in hot climates. Can be used in places where JASO MA2 is suggested.

Prevent the production of soot, varnish, sludge, acid, and corrosion. Improved oil pressure. Improved antiwear management, particularly in high-performance engines. Increased oxidation resistance.

Attock HiDrive Super SG/CD, 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil�is high-performance JASO MA2 compliant motorcycle oil. This product is formulated to deliver higher clutch frictional performance as its lubricants and oils are meant to take care of all vehicles, “Jaisay Koi Apna”. It is formulated to create a strong film over engine moving parts for protection against wear and tear in high-temperature conditions.

Petrol Engine Oils

Improved anti-wear management, particularly in high-performance engines. Engine deposit control has been improved. Enhanced high-temperature oxidation control, which is required for engines running in harsh high-temperature situations. Rust and corrosion resistance. Better and simpler start. Control of volatility and oil consumption has been improved.

Attock HiDrive Advance SN, 10W-40�is formulated with high-quality base oils and technologically advanced additives to meet the requirements of modern gasoline engines. �Attock HiDrive Advance gives outstanding wear protection & delivers superior fuel economy with the assurance of a clean engine.

Attock HiDrive Supreme SL/CF, 20W-50�is a high-performance gasoline engine oil that provides excellent lubrication and outstanding wear protection under high ambient temperatures. This product is developed to maintain oxidation and thermal stability under high stress and thus prolong engine life.

Attock HiDrive Super SG/CD,20W-50 is a high-performance gasoline engine oil that provides excellent lubrication and protection to gasoline engines. Attock HiDrive Super gives outstanding wear protection guaranteeing high performance under high ambient temperature. Most suited for older gasoline engines and where SG/CD, 20W-50 oil is recommended.

Industrial Oils

Attock Industrial Lubricants has an extensive product line that help productivity fly with Long Oil Life, Extended Equipment Life, Reducing Operating Cost to realize the maximum potential of your equipment and production capacity. Oils are designed for excellent lubrication of Industrial and mobile equipment hydraulic systems. Provides extra protection to equipment in extreme ambient temperatures and high pressures.

Attock Industrial lubricants are designed to help you with Outstanding corrosion resistance. Extremely stable in terms of oxidation. Demulsification properties are excellent. Antifoaming qualities are exceptional and extend the life of your equipment.

Syeda Qandeel Zehra
Syeda Qandeel Zehra
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