Car Sales in Pakistan: Suzuki Alto and others faced around 48% decline


The auto industry in Pakistan is still facing a blow and car sales in Pakistan are still decreasing.

As per the recent data of car sales in Pakistan, the country’s auto car sector remained slow with less demand and high rate. PAMA or Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association revealed that in January 2020, auto car sale stood at 10,095 units which show that 48% auto sale decrease as compare to the same month of last year in which sales were at 19,353 units.

In the category of 1300cc and above than this 5,467units in the month of January 2020 were sold, whereas compared to last year in January 9,750 units sold. But month to month calculation sales shows an expansion by 68%, as only 3,246 units were sold in the month of December 2019.

Toyota Corolla in 1300cc and above category in the month of January sold 3,445 units, in the comparison of 2,085 units sold in December. Whereas In 1000CC category, Suzuki Cultus succeeded in January to sell 1,701 units in January, in the comparison to last year in same period 2,185 units were sold. On the other hand, Cultus sales increased by 85% on month to month basis. Meanwhile, sold of Suzuki WagonR in January 2020 was 567 units, but 145 units of the car were produced in that date also.

In to lower 1000cc category, Suzuki Alto sales got a success after the only star of auto sector succeeded to sell 1,794 units in last month, in the comparison to 3,700 units sold in the month of  December 2019, display fall in sales by over 50%.


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