Suzuki Alto Sales Plunge in January Following Controversial Price Hike

The Suzuki Alto seems a drastic low sale in January due to price hike. The PAMA recently shared a sales chart showing a massive decrease in Alto sales. The chart shows only 44 Alto cars sold in January. It is a historically low sale since its inception.

The company called out its observers and recorded a low sales decline of 74% selling 2,946 cars last month. 11,342 cars sold in December Reminding Suzuki used to sell 5000 units per month for the last 2 years.

Toyota and Honda also reported a decline in sales of cars. Alto sales were more than Toyota and Honda.

Due to recent import restrictions, a lack of stockpiles, a scarcity of raw materials, and price rises, Suzuki was unable to meet demand.

The company only sold 44 units of Alto, 534 units of cultus, 671 units of wagon R, 504 units of swift, 556 units of Bolan, and 628 units of Ravi. The number of sales was reduced in Alto last month due to a price hike.

Taking into account the scenario of the economic crisis has broken all records in sales of cars. However, the COVID-19 period has not done that much damaged but now the current situation in the auto industry has changed due to price hikes.

Consequently, car sales observed a 31-month record downfall in Pakistan dropping 65% its year-to-year decline. The automotive industry manufacturers association has reported a month-to-month report of car sales to decline by 36% selling 10,867 units in January as compared to 17,012 in December 2022. At the same time, passenger car sales decreased to 56%, selling 6,021 vehicles last month against 13,780 cars in December 2022. Suzuki launched Alto in replacement of Mehran.

The low sales of Alto are due to frequent price hikes twice a month. The company’s production remained closed for half a month due to the shortage of inventory caused by import restrictions. Therefore, the price hike is one of the reasons taken into consideration by the company.

Rida Shahid
Rida Shahid
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