Yamaha Bike Prices in Pakistan Increased for the 5th Time


Yamaha increases their bike prices in Pakistan for the 5th time this year. The two-wheeler industry is also keeping up with the Auto-industry by frequent price hikes every now and then. The massive increase in Yamaha bike prices is effective immediately.

The prices of all Yamaha bikes including YBR 125Z, YB 125Z DX, YBR 125, and YBR 125G witness a surge. Here are the updated Yamaha bike prices in Pakistan. Anyone booking the new bike from Dec 1 onwards will get the product on below mentioned price.

Yamaha BikesOld Price in RsPrice Increase in RsNew Price in Rs
YB 125 Z184,0006,000190,000
YB 125 Z DX198,5007,000205,500
YBR 125204,0007,000211,000
YBR 125 G213,5007,000220,500

It seems like the motorcycle industry don’t misses a chance to increase their bike prices. However, the hikes are attributed to factors such as rising raw material costs and instability in the local currency’s exchange rate against the US dollar.

Yamaha, in particular, has seen significant price increases this year, with prices rising by up to Rs. 30,500 between January 2021 and now.

Additionally, Yamaha’s latest price boost is likely to spark a new round of price hikes from other motorcycle manufacturers as well.

With car prices at an all-time high, consumers’ only option is to get bikes. However, even it is now getting out of the reach of a common man.


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