Yamaha Unveils 2024 YBR125Z-DX with Striking Upgrades and Rs. 17,000 Price Bump

In a move set to rev up the excitement of motorcycle enthusiasts, Yamaha has rolled out the much-anticipated 2024 model of its popular YBR125Z-DX. With a noteworthy price increase of Rs. 17,000, the motorcycle now sports fresh graphics that promise to elevate the riding experience to new heights.

What’s New?

The star attraction of the 2024 YBR125Z-DX is its revamped graphics, breathing new life into the model and adding a touch of contemporary flair. Yamaha enthusiasts can now enjoy a refreshed design that blends style with the trademark performance the YBR series is known for.

Yamaha 2024 YBR125Z-DX Price in Pakistan:

While the excitement surrounding the new model is palpable, Yamaha has implemented a modest price increase of Rs. 17,000, bringing the total cost to Rs. 440,500. Despite the uptick in pricing, the brand assures customers that the enhancements and upgrades justify the investment, delivering an unparalleled riding experience.

The 2024 YBR125Z-DX is expected to maintain the high performance standards set by its predecessors. With Yamaha’s commitment to engineering excellence, riders can anticipate a smooth and efficient ride, making every journey a pleasure.


The eagerly awaited 2024 YBR125Z-DX is now available for purchase at Yamaha dealerships across Pakistan. Motorcycle enthusiasts can explore the upgraded model, experience its features firsthand, and take advantage of the latest advancements in design and performance.

Yamaha’s decision to introduce the 2024 YBR125Z-DX with an elevated price tag underscores the brand’s dedication to providing riders with cutting-edge technology and design.

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