FBR to Launch “Pakistan Honour Card Scheme” for Top Taxpayers of Pakistan

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) set to roll out the “Pakistan Honour Card Scheme”, a unique initiative to acknowledge and reward the country’s top taxpayers, including exporters. This scheme designed to offer exclusive privileges and facilities, particularly at airports.

The “Pakistan Honour Cards” will awarded to 65 elite exporters and compliant taxpayers, encompassing corporations, Associations of Persons (AOPs), and individual taxpayers. These distinguished taxpayers have recognized by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif for their significant contributions.

Cardholders can look forward to expedited clearance at immigration counters, access to official passports, and VIP lounge facilities at airports. Additionally, they will invited to an annual dinner hosted by the prime minister, further solidifying their esteemed status.

The scheme encompasses various categories of taxpayers, each entitled to specific facilities. These categories include:

  • Top nine leading exporters
  • Sector-wise exporters across nine sectors
  • Top two exporters in chemical products, food products, leather, machinery, pharmaceuticals, and sports goods
  • Highest exporters in paper and plastic, steel and metal products, and other sectors

The scheme also recognizes exporters of non-traditional and innovative products, including the highest exporters of aluminium and articles, spices, and fish and crustaceans. It also acknowledges the top three in information technology, the top two exporters with the highest growth over the last year, and the top three first-time exporters.

Women exporters not left out, with the top three recognized. The scheme also honors the top 12 taxpayers across all taxes, the top five companies in income tax, the highest Association of Persons (AOPs), and the top five individuals within the category.

New taxpayers with the highest tax paid and the top three Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) will also covered under this scheme. This initiative underscores the FBR’s commitment to fostering a culture of tax compliance and recognizing the contributions of top taxpayers to the nation’s economy.

Rida Shahid
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