Gold rate in Pakistan raised by Rs 29,600 per tola in 2019


The gold price in Pakistan has observed a huge raise of around Rs 30,000 in a single year.

In 2019, the gold rate in Pakistan increased by Rs 17,662 per 10 gm and Rs 29,600 per tola. On the other side, the gold rate was raised by $239 per ounce.

Regarding the gold prices, Chairman APGA or All Pakistan Jewelers association revealed that the year 2019 was proved lucrative for gold investment, instead of real estate and stock market.

He further elaborated that the high procurement of gold in market, the metal prices increased in local and as well as the global market.

Latest Gold Rate Today

City Name24K (Per 10 Gm)24K (Per Tola)22K (Per 10 Gm)
Hyderabad77,100 89,90070,674
Lahore77,10089,900 70,674
Multan77,100 89,90070,674
Islamabad77,100 89,90070,674
Faisalabad77,100 89,90070,674


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