Good News for Pakistanis: Wheat Imports Ban as Reserves and Prices Stay Steady

In a strategic move to ensure stability in flour prices and maintain ample reserves, the Caretaker Federal Government of Pakistan has decided to prohibit the state-level import of wheat. This decisive step was taken following a thorough briefing by the Ministry of National Food Security to the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC), emphasizing the nation’s self-sufficiency in wheat production.

Reports indicate that Pakistan currently possesses a substantial reserve of wheat, more than sufficient to meet the country’s demands. The ECC, appreciating the proactive measures implemented by the Ministry, endorsed the move to curtail wheat imports, solidifying the country’s position in terms of food security.

In another noteworthy development, the Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet convened in Islamabad, where significant financial allocations were approved. The committee, led by Dr. Shamshad Akhtar, Minister for Finance, Revenue, and Economic Affairs, granted a Technical Supplementary Grant of 7.15 billion rupees for Federal Education and Professional Training. This funding injection is poised to enhance the educational landscape, ensuring a robust foundation for the nation’s future.

Simultaneously, the ECC greenlit a Technical Supplementary Grant of four billion rupees dedicated to the 7th Population and Housing Census, underlining the government’s commitment to data-driven policy decisions. The proactive approach demonstrated in these decisions reaffirms the Caretaker Federal Government’s dedication to steering the country towards economic resilience and social development.

These calculated moves reflect the government’s commitment to strategic decision-making and financial prudence, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently to address both immediate and long-term needs. As Pakistan embraces these transformative measures, the nation positions itself for sustained growth and stability.

Rida Shahid
Rida Shahid
Rida Shahid is a content writer with expertise in publishing news articles with strong academic background in Political Science. She is imaginative, diligent, and well-versed in research techniques. Her essay displays her analytical style quite well. She is currently employed as English content writer at


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