HBL- Champion Bank for Balochistan, in collaboration with the State Bank of Pakistan,hosts the Second Regional Agricultural Coordination Committee (RACC) meeting

HBL in collaboration with the State Bank of Pakistan holdsthe 2ndRegional Agricultural Coordination Committee Meeting for Balochistan. Senior executives from SBP, HBL, Banking Industry and the Government of Balochistan also attended the session.

HBL as a designated champion bank for Balochistan hosted the 2ndmeeting of the Regional Agricultural Coordination Committee (RACC) in collaboration with the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). The meeting was held in Quetta on 22June 2022. Kashif Umar Thanvi, Head Rural Banking – HBL& Co-Chairman RACC, led the meeting and was attended by Noor Ahmed-Director, Agriculture, Credit & Microfinance Department – SBP,Rass Masood, Chief Manager – SBPBSC –Quetta (Acting) and Ikram Ullah Qadri, Senior Joint Director AC&MFD-SBP. Other senior executives from SBP, HBL, all active banks operating in Balochistan,Government officialsand farming community also attended the session.

The RACC meetingreviewed progress on last meetings action items and discussed the way forward strategy to address the agricultural outreach challenges in the underserved areas of Balochistan.

Kashif Umar Thanvi, Head Rural Banking- HBL highlighted the achievements of forum in bridging the gaps in agricultural credit in Balochistan and emphasized the initiatives of RACC to solve the challenges and streamline bottlenecks through collaborative efforts of all the stakeholders.

He commented, “HBL is committed to serving the underserved farming community of Balochistan. The Bank will support credit delivery, along with capacity building & awareness campaigns under SBP’s vision of financial inclusion in Pakistan.”

The session concluded with the commitment from all stakeholders to work towards expanding the agricultural landscape by empowering the farming community of Balochistan.


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