PSX crashes as KSE 100 Index falls by over 2300 points


On Monday, the trading was halted in Pakistan Stock Exchange as the KSE 100 Index faced one of the biggest declines.

KSE 100 Index faced the decline of 2,375.97 points when the trading was stopped at 4pm. However, observing the fall of 6.59% in PSX, it was reached at 33684.91 points.

The index began tumbling as soon as the trading started. However, there is a panic among investors in Pakistan and all around the world due to the threat of Coronavirus or Covid-19. As the numbers of cases are increased in Pakistan and other countries, investors are more inclined towards the dump and run approach.

The high selling pressure was caused a halt to trading activity for about 45 minutes, the 4th in 2 weeks. However, the trading automatically stopped as the KSE 30 Index also fell by 5% and failed to recover losses within the 5 minute window.


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