PSX Soars to Record High: Closes at 57,371.59 Points

In a resounding display of market vitality, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) soared to new heights on Tuesday, embracing a bullish trend that added 293.63 points, signifying a robust positive change of 0.51 percent. The closing figure stood proudly at 57,371.59 points, outshining the previous day’s closing at 57,077.96 points.

Trading fervor painted a dynamic picture, with a staggering 1,012,258,472 shares exchanging hands, translating to a total value of Rs19.338 billion. This marked a significant uptick from the preceding day’s activity, which witnessed 718,285,234 shares with a total valuation of Rs16.686 billion.

A bustling marketplace saw 390 companies actively participating, with fortunes favoring 231 entities as they recorded gains. In contrast, 143 companies weathered losses, while the share prices of 16 remained steadfastly unchanged.

The top trio of trading luminaries featured WorldCall Telecom, leading the charge with 254,276,110 shares at Rs.1.67 per share. Following closely were K-Electric Ltd, boasting 63,355,766 shares at Rs.3.51 per share, and Hum Network, commanding attention with 38,044,000 shares at Rs.7.99 per share.

Delving into individual share performances, Unilever FoodsXD emerged as the standout performer, witnessing an impressive surge of Rs.499.85 per share, gracefully closing the day at Rs.23,000.00. Rafhan Maize secured the runner-up position, enjoying a Rs.207.16 rise in its per-share price, culminating at Rs10,550.00.

However, the market narrative also unfolded with its share of downturns. Colgate Palm experienced a notable decrease of Rs.34.71 per share, reaching a closing figure of Rs1,648.17. Following suit was Bata (Pak), grappling with a Rs.32.44 decline and concluding the day at Rs.1,656.56.

Rida Shahid
Rida Shahid
Rida Shahid is a content writer with expertise in publishing news articles with strong academic background in Political Science. She is imaginative, diligent, and well-versed in research techniques. Her essay displays her analytical style quite well. She is currently employed as English content writer at


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