USD to PKR Exchange Rate Holds Steady at PKR 279.67: Weekly and Monthly Insights

In the dynamic landscape of currency exchange, today’s interbank rates reveal a consistent USD to PKR conversion rate of PKR 279.67, as set by the State Bank of Pakistan. This official rate governs the buying and selling of US Dollars, with distinct variations observed in interbank and open market rates.

Weekly Performance:

Analyzing the weekly performance, the USD to PKR exchange rate has shown an incremental increase, with the Pakistani Rupee gaining by PKR 0.23 or 0.082%. Notably, the interbank rate has remained unaltered since yesterday, reflecting stability in the market.

Open Market Rate:

26 Jan 24PKR 279.00PKR 281.20

As of today, the open market rates stand at PKR 279.00 for buying and PKR 281.20 for selling. This slight variation emphasizes the dynamic nature of currency trading and the influence of market forces on exchange rates.

Monthly Fluctuations:

Over the past 30 days, the USD to PKR exchange rate has witnessed notable fluctuations. The peak conversion rate reached PKR 280.1, while the lowest recorded was PKR 279.67. This monthly trend reflects a range of highs and lows, demonstrating the intricate balance between buying and selling pressures.

Historical Interbank Rates:

26 Jan, 24279.17279.67
25 Jan, 24279.17279.67
24 Jan, 24279.50280.00
23 Jan, 24279.60280.10
22 Jan, 24279.40279.90
21 Jan, 24279.40279.90
20 Jan, 24279.40279.90
19 Jan, 24279.48279.98
18 Jan, 24279.60280.10
17 Jan, 24279.80280.30

Delving into the historical interbank rates, the past ten days showcase a consistent pattern. The buying and selling rates have maintained a narrow range, with slight variations. This historical data provides insights into the recent trends shaping the USD to PKR exchange rate.

As the USD to PKR exchange rate holds steady at PKR 279.67 today, the intricate balance between market forces and official rates continues to shape the currency landscape. Traders and investors alike navigate the nuances of daily fluctuations, seeking opportunities in this ever-evolving market.

Rida Shahid
Rida Shahid
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