Arnold Schwarzenegger Thanks Pakistani Fans as His Netflix Project Tops Charts

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the renowned Hollywood star, recently expressed his gratitude to his Pakistani fans for their overwhelming support of his latest online venture, which has skyrocketed to the number one position on Netflix in Pakistan. The Terminator icon took to Twitter to convey his appreciation after previously acknowledging his Ukrainian fans for propelling his project, FUBAR, to the top spot on the popular streaming platform. However, it was a Pakistani Twitter user who drew attention to the remarkable popularity of FUBAR in Pakistan by sharing a screenshot of its success.

Responding to the enthusiastic reception from Pakistani fans, Schwarzenegger tweeted, “Thank you to my fans in Pakistan!” This gesture not only demonstrates the actor’s genuine appreciation but also highlights the significant impact of his work on a global scale.

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger is a multifaceted personality, excelling in various domains such as acting, business, filmmaking, politics, and retired professional bodybuilding. Recognized as one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, Schwarzenegger has authored numerous books and articles on the subject.

Schwarzenegger’s latest achievement showcases his seamless transition from a movie star to the Governor of California and now to a successful Netflix series with FUBAR. This exciting venture marks Schwarzenegger’s debut in television, presenting viewers with eight action-packed and comedic episodes exclusively available on Netflix.

FUBAR is an exhilarating American action-comedy television series created by Nick Santora exclusively for Netflix. The storyline revolves around Luke Brunner (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger), a CIA operative on the cusp of retirement who unexpectedly uncovers a family secret, compelling him to undertake one final mission.

Schwarzenegger’s gracious acknowledgment of his Pakistani fans’ support adds yet another captivating layer to the ongoing success story of FUBAR. As the project continues to captivate audiences worldwide, it solidifies Schwarzenegger’s place as a formidable force in the entertainment industry.

Rida Shahid
Rida Shahid
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