Ehd e Wafa Episode 22 Review: Finally, a reunion happened


The Ehd e Wafa episode 22 review can be read here.

Ehd e Wafa episode 22 review – The latest episode of the drama was full of emotions, love, respect and friendship which finally showed the most waited reunion of the SSG. This drama is setting new friendship goals by portraying the loyalty and love for friends.

SSG reunite at Saad and Dua’s wedding where they all filled with joy relives their most loved moments together. Sharik, Shehreyar and Shahzain’s teasing for Saad while dressing-up for wedding, their jokes were the beautiful part of episode. These grown up men who are actually quite serious and practical otherwise, turned into teenagers when they were with each other – that is the beauty of friendship and leave audience in nostalgic situation where almost everyone memorized their best days of student life and their friends.

The wedding ceremony of Saad and Dua was one of the best part of episode where this adorable couple make people fall in love for the drama and the best part were, Where Dua revealed her success to be Captain Dr Dua and got a job in Army hospital. But was also a sad part where showed that Saad told Dua that he has to go Kashmir due to tension at LOC just after marriage.

This episode also brings some most needed lesson for all, respect your teacher. The scene portraying Firdous sahab’s meeting with the SSG boys after many years was heart-warming. The respect SSG boys have given to their teacher and whatever they did to support him has been another inspiring part of the also portrays how the strictness of teacher shapes your future for your good.

Episode also preview the Shehreyar’s transfer to the remote area by Haji Shafeeq who avenged by sending him transfer orders. He is transferred to Shahzain’s area and he is delighted for it.

Shahzain is strangled in family feud due to his brother in law who don’t want shahzain to contest in coming election and want him to contest again. During these problems the story will once again take a more serious turn in the next episode when Shahzain got shot by rivals and got injured.

The overall episode full of twist and turns with the beautiful execution of story by portraying the serious issues parallel to love, loyalty and friendship.


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