Goldy Brar: Salman Khan’s Threatener, and Sidhu Mooswala’s Killer Still Alive?

In a startling sequence of events, Goldy Brar, the alleged orchestrator of Sidhu Moosewala’s assassination, was erroneously reported dead in a US shooting incident. The Fresno Police Department in California promptly dismissed these claims.

Initial accounts suggested that Brar attacked by unidentified individuals while he was outside a residence with a companion around 5:25pm. The attackers quickly escaped the scene, leaving Brar severely wounded. However, Lieutenant William J. Dooley of the Fresno Police Department promptly issued a statement denying these reports, asserting that the victim was not Brar.

The misreporting of the incident originated from unverified information disseminated on social media and online news platforms. Lieutenant Dooley expressed surprise at the swift propagation of the incorrect news, attributing it to unspecified sources.

The victim, initially mistaken for Brar, later identified as Satinderjeet Brar, a notorious gangster based in Canada with connections to Bollywood and ties to Lawrence Bishnoi’s criminal syndicate.

Born in Punjab, Brar had earned a reputation as one of Canada’s most elusive fugitives. His criminal portfolio included the alleged assassination of District Youth Congress President, Gurlal Singh Pehalwan, leading to a non-bailable warrant against him in 2022.

Brar’s designation as a terrorist by India’s Ministry of Home Affairs highlighted the gravity of his criminal activities. Despite the debunked reports of his death, Brar’s true identity and criminal past remain a concern for law enforcement agencies globally.

In 2023, Brar made headlines when he threatened Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, demanding an apology for his role in the killing of a blackbuck, an animal revered by the Bishnoi community. Brar, infamous for his criminal exploits, issued these threats during an exclusive interview with India Today.

Brar also took responsibility for the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala. This led to Salman Khan receiving multiple threat calls and letters, necessitating increased security measures at his residence.

During the interview, Brar, referring to Lawrence Bishnoi, stated, “Bhai Sahab had said he wouldn’t apologise. Baba will show mercy only when he feels merciful.” Brar emphasized that their targets extend beyond Salman Khan and they will persist in their efforts against all adversaries until they succeed. He clarified that Salman Khan is their primary target, and they will relentlessly pursue their mission until their goal accomplished.

Moreover, Brar confessed to the murder of rapper Sidhu Moosewala, justifying the act as a necessary lesson due to the singer’s alleged arrogance and misuse of political and financial power. “Sidhu Moosewala was an egoistic person. He misused his political and financial power. It was necessary to teach him a lesson, and he was taught one,” Brar admitted.

Rida Shahid
Rida Shahid
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