Hareem Shah Security Increased in London After Death Threats

Hareem Shah, a renowned social media influencer and activist, has granted protection by Scotland Yard in London following threats from certain individuals residing in the city. The London police have confirmed this development.

Hareem, also known as Fiza, complained with the police, alleging that she was blackmailed, pursued, and threatened. This action taken after a disagreement with some acquaintances in Manchester, where she had been residing.

Recently, anonymous social media accounts circulated some videos and images of Hareem, sparking controversy. A group of British Pakistanis accused Hareem of stealing £5,000 to £5,500 in Manchester before fleeing to London.

Hareem, however, refutes these allegations, urging her accusers to seek legal recourse rather than resorting to social media defamation and threats.

Following her complaint, the local Slough police and the UK government’s Modern Slavery Human Trafficking Unit (MSHTU) initiated an investigation. Hareem advised to relocate from her known address on the outskirts of London to a new location arranged by the police for her safety.

A few months ago, Hareem’s husband, Bilal Shah, disappeared after arriving in Karachi from London. While Hareem claimed her husband “kidnapped for unknown reasons,” Bilal’s family stated he interrogated about Hareem’s social media posts, particularly her now-deleted X account, formerly known as Twitter.

Bilal released after several weeks in custody, during which he questioned about his wife’s X account. He reportedly told investigators that Hareem not directly managing the Twitter account, but it was being operated by someone else with her consent.

Now settled in London, Hareem has also become a rights activist. She stated, “I have joined a human rights group that advocates for women’s rights.”

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