Hareem Shah Slapped Muft Abdul Qavi In A Recent Video


The famous TikToker Hareem Shah slapped Mufti Abdul Qavi. The video went viral over the social media in which she assaulted him.

In the video, Mufti Qavi was sitting on the bed, engrossed on mobile, when a woman wearing red dress, started slapping him across the face.

Later, Hareem Shah confirmed that woman present in video is her. She claimed that she became angry due to the inappropriate remarks passed by Mufti Abdul Qavi to her and her friend.

She said that she had no regrets, if men like him are punished, there’ll be no rape in the country.

On the other side, Mufti Qavi revealed that he and Hareem Shah were called to shoot for the TV program in Karachi. He said that he was using his mobile phone in the hotel room when she entered into the room and slapped him. He claimed that he was unaware why she slapped him.


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