India’s Latest Biopic on Begum Nawazish Ali in the Works, Mallika Sherawat Eyed for Lead Role

The stirring news unveils that a biographical film on Ali Saleem, the multitalented Pakistani TV luminary, is currently in the making. Saleem, who has established himself as an actor, presenter, writer, and impressionist, became a sensation for mimicking the late Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Additionally, their renowned performances as the cross-dressing Begum Nawazish Ali on different television channels garnered immense adulation.

Mallika Sherawat

With great fervor, EORTV CEO Deepak Pandey unveiled plans for a biopic, stating his aspiration to enlist Mallika Sherawat to take on the lead role. Pandey hailed the narrative as a tale of tenacity and valor, brimming with nuance and complexity. He professed that only a performer as dauntless and audacious as the Begum herself would suffice for this multifarious character.

Deepak Pandey

Pandey disclosed that he intends to approach Sherawat for the role, confident that she possesses the courage to deliver an intrepid portrayal. Moreover, he emphasized the significance of crafting stories that embolden individuals to embrace their sexuality and inclinations openly.

In addition, Pandey commended the captivating background and evolution of Begum Nawazish Ali, highlighting the participant’s journey on Bigg Boss 4. Pandey accentuated the fascination of the Begum’s childhood and upbringing but also emphasized the journey he traversed throughout his life, which was even more intriguing.

Ali Saleem

Pandey acknowledged Begum’s talent for conducting spirited interviews with prominent personalities from the realms of business, politics, and entertainment. Despite courting satire and controversy, the Begum managed to secure a place in the hearts of the general populace. Pandey expressed his belief that Begum’s life story would be an incredibly compelling and engaging tale for the screen.

Rida Shahid
Rida Shahid
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