Shah Rukh Khan’s Lookalike Suraj Kumar Breaks the Internet with Jaw-Dropping Similarities

Undoubtedly, Bollywood heartthrob Shah Rukh Khan has amassed a massive fan base that reveres his every style and mannerism. These ardent followers are so deeply influenced by him that they emulate his every move and gesture.

Within this vast sea of admirers, a remarkable individual from India has emerged, bearing an astonishing resemblance to Shah Rukh Khan in appearance, expressions, and movements.

Suraj Kumar, originally from Kolkata and currently residing in Jharkhand, recently took to his Instagram account to share a captivating video. The footage showcased him exploring the streets of Delhi with his family, leaving viewers awestruck by his striking similarity to the iconic King Khan.

Following the video’s viral surge, social media platforms were inundated with expressions of astonishment. Users marveled, “We couldn’t believe our eyes; it felt like we were watching an old Shah Rukh Khan video.”

One Instagram user remarked, “He’s the spitting image of Shah Rukh Khan from the ’90s,” while another commented, “You bear an uncanny resemblance to Shah Rukh Khan.” One user even exclaimed, “He looks exactly like Shah Rukh Khan during his movie days.”

It is evident that Suraj Kumar perceives himself as an artist. Besides his engaging Instagram account, which showcases his performances at various functions and events, his bio hints at his involvement in diverse artistic endeavors.

Rida Shahid
Rida Shahid
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