Zayn Malik Invited to Pakistan for Grand Tour After Superhit Collaboration with ‘AUR’

Celebrated British artist Zayn Malik is poised to make a grand entrance into Pakistan, fueled by the immense success of his joint venture with the Pakistani musical trio AUR on their chart-topping hit, ‘Tu Hai Kahan’. The former ‘One Direction’ heartthrob has been graciously invited to embark on a tour of the country, a gesture prompted by the overwhelming popularity of their collaborative masterpiece.

Jane Marriott, the esteemed UK’s High Commissioner to Pakistan, utilized the platform of X (previously known as Twitter) to extend this invitation to Malik. Sharing a link to AUR’s recent interview with a prominent British publication, Marriott encouraged Malik to consider a tour of Pakistan, expressing her admiration for the remarkable Urdu collaboration between the UK and Pakistan with AUR.

Comprising Usama Ali, Ahad Khan, and Raffey Anwar, AUR soared to fame with their single ‘Tu Hai Kahan’ last year. Their recent collaboration with Malik catapulted them to global recognition, further solidifying their foothold in the music industry.

Renowned for his versatility and distinctive style, Malik conveyed his admiration for the song and shared his eagerness to infuse his unique touch into the collaboration. The trio reciprocated the sentiment, describing the experience as a ‘dream come true’ and expressing gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with Malik.

As anticipation builds for Malik’s potential visit to Pakistan, fans eagerly await the chance to witness his unparalleled talent live on stage. The synergy between Malik and AUR not only demonstrates the profound impact of music in transcending borders but also catalyzes cultural exchange, fortifying the bond between the UK and Pakistan through the universal language of music.

Rida Shahid
Rida Shahid
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