Air tickets to be charged in the dollars for Hajj 2022

The Pakistan International Airline (PIA) in history will charge US dollars as air tickets for the Hajj. Correspondingly, both regions, southern and northern regions will stay at approx of $810 to $1,100 and $860 to $1,150. For the last two years, Hajj was restricted for all Muslims. The airlines lay claim that the dollars fares would eradicate deviation as tickets were also brought internationally.

However, the PIA in the government scheme will charge Rs181, 000. The airline will take around 14,000 pilgrims on the government scheme while 16,000 on private. The government of Pakistan takes 60% of the quota and the remaining budget is for the private sector. This includes 81,000 pilgrims in the government scheme plan. 

The flights were under schedule for the pilgrimage from May 31 to July 3 whereas the hajj operation gets delayed for more than a week. The pilgrimage is still waiting for the government policy. The coming hajj operation will begin from July 14 to August 13. 

The government hajj policy will depend on the quantity of the people going for both operations. Other than the city, a fixed quota for airlines is also an imminent factor. 

Shahzaib Dyer
Shahzaib Dyer
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