Brampton Ramadan Calendar 2023: Sehri & Iftar Timings

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, Muslims in Brampton, Canada is preparing for a month of fasting, prayer, and reflection. Ramadan was expected to begin on March 23, 2023, depending on the sighting of the moon.

During Ramadan, Muslims abstain from food, drink, and other physical needs from dawn until sunset. In the evening, they break their fast with a meal called iftar. The streets of Brampton come alive during this time, with vendors selling delicious food and drinks to those breaking their fast.

Muslims in Brampton also spend more time at the mosque during Ramadan, performing Taraweeh prayers every night. They also engage in acts of charity and kindness, with many donating food and money to those in need.

Overall, Ramadan is a time of spiritual renewal and community for Muslims in Brampton and around the world, and they look forward to welcoming the holy month with open hearts and minds.

Ramadan 2023 in Brampton started on 23 March 2023 this year. The complete calendar of Ramadan in Brampton 2023 is uploaded here with complete sehri and iftar time.

Ramadan Calendar 2023 Brampton

105:57 AM7:36 PM23 Mar 2023
205:55 AM7:37 PM24 Mar 2023
305:53 AM7:38 PM25 Mar 2023
405:51 AM7:39 PM26 Mar 2023
505:49 AM7:41 PM27 Mar 2023
605:47 AM7:42 PM28 Mar 2023
705:45 AM7:43 PM29 Mar 2023
805:43 AM7:44 PM30 Mar 2023
905:41 AM7:45 PM31 Mar 2023
1005:39 AM7:47 PM01 Apr 2023
1105:37 AM7:48 PM02 Apr 2023
1205:35 AM7:49 PM03 Apr 2023
1305:33 AM7:50 PM04 Apr 2023
1405:31 AM7:51 PM05 Apr 2023
1505:29 AM7:53 PM06 Apr 2023
1605:27 AM7:54 PM07 Apr 2023
1705:25 AM7:55 PM08 Apr 2023
1805:23 AM7:56 PM09 Apr 2023
1905:21 AM7:57 PM10 Apr 2023
2005:19 AM7:59 PM11 Apr 2023
2105:17 AM8:00 PM12 Apr 2023
2205:15 AM8:01 PM13 Apr 2023
2305:13 AM8:02 PM14 Apr 2023
2405:11 AM8:03 PM15 Apr 2023
2505:09 AM8:05 PM16 Apr 2023
2605:07 AM8:06 PM17 Apr 2023
2705:05 AM8:07 PM18 Apr 2023
2805:03 AM8:08 PM19 Apr 2023
2905:01 AM8:09 PM20 Apr 2023
3004:59 AM8:11 PM21 Apr 2023

Sehri & Iftar time in Brampton

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