How do you know if it’s Laylatul Qadr and What Are Their Signs? Check Here!

In the Islamic calendar, Shab E Qadr, also known as Laylatul Qadr, is a night of profound significance. This night, celebrated with immense devotion in Pakistan, marks the revelation of the Holy Quran to Prophet Muhammad.

Shab E Qadr 2024 in Pakistan

The date for Shab E Qadr 2024 in Pakistan holds immense importance for the Muslim community. The night is observed on an odd night during the last ten days of Ramadan. The potential date for Laylatul Qadr in 2024 is anticipated to be 5th April 2024, subject to the sighting of the moon and the commencement of Ramadan.

Significance of Shab E Qadr

Shab E Qadr, often referred to as the ‘Night of Decree’, ‘Night of Power’, ‘Night of Value’, ‘Night of Destiny’, or ‘Night of Measures’, commemorates the night when Prophet Muhammad received the first verses of the Holy Quran. It is observed every year on any odd night in the last ten days of Ramadan.

Observance of Shab E Qadr

Muslims congregate at the Mosque, engaging in nawafil prayers, reciting the Quran, and collectively reading supplications. They believe that their past sins will be forgiven by praying on Laylatul Qadr nights, as the holy Quran states that praying on this night is better than praying for a thousand months.

Preparation for Shab E Qadr

Muslims in Pakistan prepare for this holy night with great devotion and spiritual activities, seeking blessings, forgiveness, and salvation.

Signs of Laylatul Qadr

  1. A Peaceful Night: The night is pleasant and neither hot nor cold.
  2. The Moon: The moon resembles a piece of a plate, some say it looks like half a plate.
  3. In the Last Odd Nights: The night is observed in the last ten nights on the odd nights: 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th, 29th of Ramadan.
  4. Possibility of Rain: There are narrations where Prophet Muhammad mentioned that he dreamed about Laylatul-Qadr and in that dream, he had prostrated and when he came up, his face was wet with rainwater and mud.
  5. The Sunrise for the Next Morning: Narrations say that it is going to be a sun with no rays, signifying a weak sun that you can look straight at. This could be because Allah wants the sun to come up in a very special way after a special night or because the amount of angels filling the sky are actually blocking the sunbeams.
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