Capital Diaries: Perks of Living in Diplomatic Enclave

The capital city is not only known for its beauty, but also for the refined standard of living that it provides. From planned sectors to designated traffic routes to green belts, Islamabad is one of the top living choices in Pakistan. It is known for its well-developed infrastructure, set against the silhouette of the Margalla Hills. Some of the most sought-out sectors are F-6, F-7, F-10, and the Diplomatic Enclave, usually reserved for foreigners and embassy officials. 

The Diplomatic Enclave is a highly-secure place with high cement barricades and barbed wires, which provide safety to foreigners, bureaucrats and VIPs.

In this article, has compiled the different perks and amenities one could avail in the Diplomatic Enclave.

Where Exactly is the Diplomatic Enclave?

The Diplomatic Enclave is located in sector G-5 of Islamabad and houses 43 diplomatic missions. The area is just a short distance from the red zone and is limited to foreigners and diplomats specifically.

Entry is limited only to permitted individuals and foreigners residing in the area. Citizens cannot enter the area without a valid foreign reference, proof of permission, registration, or an invitation by the residents themselves. 

Perks of Living in Diplomatic Enclave

These are some of the facilities that can allow you to live comfortably and in luxury: 

Hiking Trails Leading to Scenic Views

The Diplomatic Enclave is situated fairly close to the Margalla Hills. Multiple trails allow hikers to get a birds eye view of Islamabads scenic beauty. The most popular trails for hiking are trail 5 and trail 3.

Serene Atmosphere

The calm and relaxing environment is rooted in the number of green spaces and the absence of extensive traffic, limited entry, as well as the few residents in the area. 

Safe Space

Diplomatic Enclave is one of the topmost secure places in Islamabad. The safety of foreign and embassy officials is the responsibility of the nation, because of which there is a tight array of security teams all around that guard the main gates and patrol the area. 

Due to its security and surveillance measures, it is undeniably among the safest places to live in Islamabad. 

Gym & Pool Facilities 

Although there are numerous pools and gymnasiums nearby, one of the best options in close vicinity is Serena. They provide top-notch services and monthly memberships. The swimming pool space is also a facility you can utilise, just a 5 minute drive away from your home. 

Free of Crowds and Traffic

Due to limited access of people to the area, the Diplomatic Enclave remains free of any crowds and flow of traffic, thus keeping the area free of noise pollution.

Nearby Restaurants & Quality Superstores

Diplomatic Enclave is located near Islamabads prime sectors F-6 & F-7, which are famous for their quality food and restaurants, both local and international franchises. 

There are also a number of dining options within the Diplomatic Enclave, including Loafology, Street 1 Cafe, Suki Sushi Japanese and Korean Restaurant etc.

There are also some superstores built inside the gated community, to cater to your basic needs, including fresh produce and other imported grocery items.  

In short, Diplomatic Enclave is one of the best places to invest in Pakistan. There are a number of houses for sale in Diplomatic Enclave where you can invest right now.

How to Enter the Diplomatic Enclave

If you dont have an inside contact, you can always avail the option of the designated shuttle service that will pick you up from the main gate and then drop you off at the desired destination. 

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