‘DaldaMaamta Story’ is set to make you emotional

“Jahan MaamtaWahanDalda” generations have grown up hearing this tagline over the years. With each new advert, Dalda manages to remain top of mind and in the hearts of its consumers.

“DaldaMaamta story” is a story, which flawlessly depicts the love of a mother for her child through the spectrum of time and ever-changing values of the world, while engaging the public through a well-thought-out narrative.

The voice behind the narration belongs to the most beloved and charming personality around, Fawad Khan. His voiceover really makes the story sit in our minds, paired up with an actor brimming with emotions and expressions, Zara Tareen, uplifting the already emotional storyline. Seeing Fawad Khan on screen after a long hiatus is a sight for sore eyes. The viewer is left with the feeling of nostalgia and being cared for when viewed but most importantly, the realization of putting their focus back on how mothers have been there for their kids and family unconditionally. The ad makes one acknowledge and appreciate mothers for their never-ending love. No matter what the inspiration is in that era, a mother always knows how to nurture and uplift their child.

Not losing the core of Dalda’s brand truth, the ad puts forward the brand message of ‘Jahan MaamtaWahanDalda’ in such a way that dominates the hearts and minds of its users and people who have and who will come across this ad anywhere.

To check out the advert click below:

Syeda Qandeel Zehra
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