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Have you heard the latest news from the world of fragrances and perfumes? 

Yes, the latest buzz is that Ideas is launching perfumes for kids!! As the saying goes “Good habits start young”. Now, the little ones in our lives can have a perfume of their own, they can keep smelling great after a good gaming session or when heading out for some fun time with you. We are sharing details of the kids’ range with you below:

Cute Kitty

Looking for the best gift for the little princess at your home? Ideas has it for you! This is a soft perfume for girls; for everyday use. It belongs to the sweet musky family. Girls are going to need a never-ending supply of this perfume. They will feel more confident wearing this perfume and will be ready to take on the learning challenges of the day. Imagine the sweetness when the top notes of this perfume are that of sugar marshmallow. The heart note is of vanilla. Whereas the base note is that of musk; it is a heart-winning combination!

Baby Shark Pink

This is also a soft perfume for girls; ideal to make the little ones love nature.  This perfume belongs to the fruity fragrance family. It has a super fresh feel to it; which lasts the whole day. The top note is that of pear and rose to start the day on the right notes. The heart note is that of melon and pineapple; which gives it its unique fragrance. It all sums at the base note which is of caramel and musk. This makes an ideal gift for little girls on their birthdays or result day at school.

Baby Shark Blue

Not to forget boys Ideas has launched this soft perfume for the young lads. It belongs to the floral powdery musky fragrance family. It is sure to become the favourite of the handsome guy in making. The top note is that of star anise, fruity. The heart notes are of peony, mimosa, rose, and violet. The base is of white musk, amber, and vanilla. This combination assures that the fragrance will stay with the wearer for the whole day. This perfume comes in an eye-catching bottle for the little ones; a possession they will be proud of! 


Here is a perfect perfume for your junior. This mild perfume belongs to the citrus woody musk fragrance family. It will train the wearer to start appreciating the finer things in life as well as have the confidence to tackle difficult situations easily. The top notes of this perfume are that of Chamomile, Bergamot, and, Rose which blend into the heart of this perfume which is pineapple and cyclamen. Whereas the base is that of Vanilla Musky. All this combined makes a perfect gift for your beloved junior!

We are sure you are as excited about kids’ range of perfumes as we are and would be keen on buying them immediately. You can visit any Ideas outlet near you or shop your favorites online at to avail free delivery across Pakistan on orders worth PKR 2,000 or more.


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