Strangest Things Banned By Governments Around The World


This was just one of the many instances where governments have imposed ridiculous bans on things, such as movies, toys, fashion, and certain foods. Now, if you’re wondering how do they such bans, then let me tell you that they seem up to come up with a reason for everything, no matter how lame it might be. While there is no end to the list of bans that are absurd, weird, or downright silly, here we have shortlisted the most ridiculous ones for you. Just go through the list, and let us know what you have to say.

Iran: “Western” Hair Cuts – Banned styles include mullets, ponytails, and spikes.

Denmark: Fortified foods – In Denmark there is apparently a strong fear in some circles of consuming too many vitamins. Unfortunately this has led to the banning of many popular products such as Ovaltine and Rice Crispies.

Denmark: Most Baby Names – There are 24,000 approved government names for parents to choose from. If they want a different name then they have to apply for permission.

Malaysia: Yellow clothing – From t-shirts and wrist bands to hats and shoelaces, in 2011 the Malaysian government declared it illegal to wear yellow as that was the color of a certain group of opposition activists.

Singapore: Chewing Gum – Since 1992 the import and sale of chewing gum has been illegal in the city in order to keep the city streets and public places clean.

Bangladesh: Plastic bags – When they outlawed plastic bags in 2002 Bangladesh started a trend with France, Tanzania, and Mexico following.

France: Ketchup – In 2011 France banned ketchup from school cafeterias to preserve French cuisine. That is, unless you are eating French fries…then it is still legal.

Sweden: Spanking – Forget banning school spanking, in Sweden not even parents can spank their kids.

Canada: Baby Walker – After studies in Canada showed that babies have delayed motor development when raised with walkers, they were banned in 2004. Today, Canadian babies learn to walk the old fashioned way.


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