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The Pros and Cons of Living in Ground Floor Apartments

The trend of living in apartments in Pakistan has been growing at a significant pace, and the next decision that comes with this is choosing the type of apartment unit.

No matter which floor you opt for, each one comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. The characteristics of living on a particular floor are generally based on parameters such as accessibility, view, security, temperature, noise, and cost. To view hundreds of apartments across Pakistan, visit Graana.com, Pakistan’s 1st Online Real Estate Marketplace.

In Pakistan, buying or renting an apartment for living is a very common practice. For example, there are hundreds of flats for rent in Karachi because a significant number of people prefer living in apartments in the metropolitan city. The apartments usually offer a number of floors, thus leaving people in confusion over which one is the best fit for them.

Pros of Living in Ground Floor Apartments

Ground floors are typically considered to be more convenient as compared to other floors. This is because ground floor apartments come with garage spaces and lawn access, along with being closer to the main exit.

They have access to parking and incorporate open spaces which you can utilise for landscaping and gardening as well. Moreover, ground floor apartments have the main entrance allotted to them, which is a major perk.

Some other notable points that rule in favour of ground-floor apartments have been listed below.

No Struggle with Stairs or Elevators

Ground floor apartments come with the benefit of not having to deal with stairs and elevators. Since walking several flights of stairs on a daily basis can be quite hectic, ground floors are the ideal choice. 

Easily Move items to Your Apartment

Another benefit of living in a ground-floor apartment is that you dont have to carry heavy items including furniture, electronic appliances, or grocery bags upstairs at all.

Doing rounds of stairs whilst carrying heavy items becomes a nuisance that you cant avoid, nor is there any solution for it.

No Neighborhood disturbance

Another advantage of living in a ground-floor apartment is that you dont have to worry about the noise of downstairs neighbours. When youre moving heavy objects that might cause a disturbance. For instance, there are many flats for rent in Islamabad, located on the ground floor and are peaceful and quiet.

Ground floor apartments are ideal for people who have kids and pets, since both run around, stomp, or jump while playing.

Beneficial for People with Health Conditions

Ground floor apartments are suitable for people with serious health conditions. It becomes impossible for people with severe knee, bones, heart conditions, and other disabilities to go up the stairs every day.

Moreover, you can evacuate more quickly, should there be an emergency. Therefore, living in a ground-floor apartment proves to be extremely convenient for the elderly with serious health conditions.

Cooler Environment in Summers

Ground floor apartments also have the advantage of being cooler than other units during the summers; the upper portions absorb the heat instead.

On the other hand, there is a high chance that your electricity bill will likely be lower because it will be cooler during the summer.

Cons of Living in Ground Floor Apartments 

Despite offering several benefits, living in ground-floor apartments can also come with a few cons, which have been listed below.

Safety concerns

Ground floor apartments provide easier access, but this isnt always a good thing. There is a high chance of robberies in ground-floor apartments since thieves find them easier to break into. They can easily break the windows and even get away in case the police arrive.

Absence of Natural Lighting 

Another disadvantage of living in a ground-floor apartment is that you lose the source of natural lighting since the ground floors are overshadowed by surrounding apartments.

On the other hand, on the lowest level, some people like their privacy, so they tend to cover up the windows with blinds or curtains.

This little addition makes it very difficult for natural ventilation to cross and blocks the source of natural lighting.

Higher Prices

Since the ground floor apartments come with several perks, it costs you a lot more compared to other floors. Also, the high demand for ground floor units increases the value and prices of these apartments.

Thus, if youre a large family and are short on a budget, ground floor apartments might not fit your expenses.

Lack of Balcony or Terrace

When you live in a ground-floor apartment, you will have to live without the perks of having a balcony. 

Since balconies provide a place for rest and relaxation with privacy, losing out on one can be a major drawback.

Dust and Bugs

If you live at ground level, its more likely that dust and dirt from the street outside will enter your apartment.

On the other hand, the apartment will be more open to the risk of insects, rats, and bugs crawling through any gaps and cracks in the walls.

To sum up, whether you are investing in a new property or renting a unit on a ground floor apartment, it is advised that you should consider all these factors and evaluate all the pros and cons before making the final decision.

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