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The world has always been presenting pop singers and artists from every corner to develop new classics and aesthetics. Some of them rose up to their names: Just like Shafa Ullah, Naseebo Lal, Pathanay Khan, and Humaira Channa while others didn’t. It was reported in The Express Tribune that, there were two artists travelled to the parks and lakes every day to provide entertainment for the visitors. However, neither the government nor the private sector acknowledge their services or offer them any financial assistance and due to that their art in them was never seen afterword.

Furthermore, we have numerous examples revolving around the world where the best of the best singers was unable to purchase their instruments because his art was not recognized, he was financially not supported, or he was even entangled with his own personal problems. Every day we see someone new singing a song in his beautiful voice – but they are just gone in some days because probably they are never treated right with their art or financially not supported which discourages them to leave and get out of their fantasy world of music. But there are people who even try harder – get tougher – set an aim – and live up to their dreams!

And one of them is a Saraiki Singer, who also faced courage devastating hardships which sometimes crushed his passion, tried harder to drive him back into the life of an average person, and with that he might not have a chance to be reborn a renowned singer with ecstatic voice that can be the center of attention if it’s further nourished. Yeah, that is Saqlain Musakhelvi, who is now making a well presence over the social medias with his mesmerizing art.

His early life stage is full of exams that he was put into but his thirst for music and to show his art had never been put-off. He was born in an impoverished family which was the reason he was always told to work in a private organization to fulfill the family needs. But that was the one-sided part. From inside, he knew that he is not made for this. He is cut out for something even greater than being just a singer. He learned that he had kind of a magic in creating verses that rhyme amusingly. And that was the first time he started singing the random verses that are attached to humanistic nature of sadness and sorrow – yet powerful enough to be a support for the falling.

Crossing all the tougher stages, he started releasing proper songs. Producing the magical lyrics has always been in his blood because his father, Fazal Illahi was a well-known Saraiki Poet. So, how could it be possible that his own son, who has been struggling to showcase his talent would stay behind? Saqlain is actually one step forward. Not only he worked on his lyrics but also composed songs with others writers as well as published it with the models and influencers to get acknowledged in the World of Music. He had already felt that he can’t make his place only by himself. So, he made contracts and meetups with multiple celebrities and influencers over Pakistan – and that was his only shoutout which further introduced him to the market.

His personality was nourished – his art was modified – his colloquial dialogues and meetups with other influencers got smarter. And with that he produced sharp lyrical arts. With Iqra Abid when he was invited for an interview, he was posed with numerous questions just to get some chuckles over the audience. He was even questioned to discuss about his song, “Janay Wala Sanp tha.” What was the reason he composed that song? And who left him? Was he hurt – or whatsoever? And he tackled it surprisingly that song was not produced to feel sadness – instead, it was released to strengthen. The one who has gone is gone for the betterment. And one shouldn’t cry over spilt milk.

With his art being introduced to the world creating a harmony and making a smooth place for him to travel and spread his voice to the living overseas peeps.  He is not remained just a singer, he has transformed into kind of a celebrity marking down more than 200K Subscribers and attracting 179k followers on Facebook and 2,522 followers on Instagram. He is now invited to multiple universities to hold engaging concerts and marriage ceremonies to uplift the celebration charm at extreme rate.

But since he is now a part of invited guest for the concerts and carnivals, the public has started adoring him a way lot more than earlier. As the environment of a carnival is made to enjoy – to dive in to seek how deeply the singer is going to fabricate his art in front of his fans and followers. A singer rose from a family in which he was forced to leave his passion – yet followed his aim and achieved the dream. But this is not just over. Perhaps, we will see more of adventures that can revolutionize the Saraiki Music Industry or not. The future is yet to find out.

Syeda Qandeel Zehra
Syeda Qandeel Zehrahttps://hamariweb.com/
Syeda Qandeel Zehra is a senior content writer with writing expertise in different niches. She is an MBA graduate by qualification and loves to write about diverse topics. Zehra has 3 years of writing experience and currently employed at hamariweb.com as a content writer.


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