Coronavirus: Sindh Government seals key restaurants in Karachi

Sindh Government sealed some renowned restaurants in Karachi to avoid the spread of Coronavirus in the city.

More than 15 major eateries in Karachi are ordered to remain close by Sindh Government on a temporary basis. Karachi police are also advised to take immediate actions for the hotels and restaurants who are condemning the orders of government.

The police have raided the main and crowded areas of the city including Rashid Minhas Road, Gulistan e Johar, and Kemari sealed all the restaurants who are opposing the law in any manner.

Sindh government also issued a recommendation on Sunday advocating people to avoid crowded places and large gathering which can cause this contagious disease. Explicitly described, people who are over 40 or immuno-compromised. On the other side, small eateries and tea shops are allowed to be open till 11 pm only.

Contagious epidemic COVID-19 already occurred in Sindh and more than 90 cases have been diagnosed until today within 2 weeks. This situation can get more serious, all provinces of the country are worried about this epidemic which is now creating panic and chaos among people. However, Murad Ali Shah Chief Minister of Sindh strongly refused the news of the lockdown of any province and asked people not to create panic and avoid rumors from social media. Also defined to take serious actions for the ones who are spreading rumors.

Faizanullah Hussainy
Faizanullah Hussainy
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