Pak Embassy Serbia’s Twitter Account Criticizes PM, FO Says Account Hacked


Foreign Office spokesperson Asim Iftikhar on Friday said the social media accounts of the Pakistani embassy in Serbia were hacked and the messages posted did not attribute to the government.

He added that further investigations were underway to ascertain the truth.

Earlier on Friday, the official twitter account of the Pakistani embassy in Serbia posted a message criticizing Prime Minister Imran Khan’s policies that had led to a record breaking inflation.

The tweet stated that embassy officials had not been paid salaries by the incumbent government since three months because of the rising inflation and due to non-payment of fees, the children of embassy personnel had been kicked out of school too.

It is pertinent to mention that the tweet was posted along with a video that played a rhyming song with the premier’s famously attributed words, “Ghabrana nahi hai.”

In another tweet, the official account of the Pakistani embassy in Serbia also apologized to the prime minister for lashing out at him publicly.


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