Why Do Lifts Have Mirrors? Do You Know The Real Reason?


Reason of Mirrors in Lifts or Elevators

Mirrors are usually placed inside lifts or elevators. However, there are some amazing reasons behind it.

In the past, it was difficult to use the stairs of high rise buildings. Especially, patients and old people were faced serious problems to go beyond a few floors in particular.

In such cases, the need for a lift has increased. The elevator is also one of the best inventions to make human life easier. Engineers have done a lot of experiments with elevators, which has improved over time. Installing music or mirrors in elevators is also part of the engineers’ strategy. The elevator mirror is not for make-up or selfies.

The story of mirror installation is a bit different. When the elevator was invented, mirrors were not installed in it. In such cases, people standing in the elevator would stare into space or stand motionless.

When these people standing in the elevator did nothing to show up, the thoughts of the elevator falling would come to their minds and they would get scared. To overcome the fear of the people, the engineers installed mirrors in the elevator.Mirrors diverted people’s attention from the fear of the elevator falling and focused on looking at themselves in the mirror. People in the elevator usually imagined themselves trapped in a small box-like room. However, elevator mirrors also assist to manage people’s fears.


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