16 Individuals Detained for Illegally Using Umrah Visas to Beg in Saudi Arabia

In a recent incident, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) detained sixteen members of a single family while they were attempting to enter Saudi Arabia under the guise of an Umrah pilgrimage but with intentions to beg. The suspects apprehended as they disembarked from an aircraft in Multan, carrying Umrah visas.

Upon questioning by the agency authorities, the detainees admitted their true purpose for traveling to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – they were planning to engage in begging activities. Shockingly, it revealed that three agents had orchestrated this scheme, devising a plan to distribute the donations received from the public among beggars, with each party receiving an equal share of 50%.

Among the detained individuals, there were eleven women, five men, and one child. Each suspect has now had a case filed against them as authorities initiate an investigation into the matter.

This incident sheds light on a growing concern. It comes just days after the secretary of state for international affairs revealed some startling statistics to a Senate standing committee. According to the secretary, a staggering 90% of beggars detained abroad happen to be citizens of Pakistan.

This situation not only highlights the need for greater vigilance in the visa application process but also underscores the importance of addressing the underlying factors that compel individuals to resort to begging as a means of survival. Authorities now working to ensure that such incidents curbed and that the well-being of vulnerable citizens safeguarded.

Rida Shahid
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