A viral video from IBA stirred unfavorable reviews from the public


After a dance video that got viral from the IBA (Institute of Business Administration) campus located in Karachi University. The video that went viral among the public has caused an unfavorable spark. It contained students dressed inappropriately dancing in the IBA campus of Karachi University.

The party was being referred to as a event to promote homosexuality. Contrary to the response, the staff and alumni requested a strict action probe to be conducted against the indecency. One email in response to the administration stated the video as a violation of cultural and religious norms and national laws. Further expressing it as even westerners do not allow drugs and alcohol in the university premises.

Regardless of the IBA campus security and administration present raises few questions on the management of IBA. It was sure that the faculty negligence and non-serious attitude in heeding to the student’s advice has gone vain. The rapid change in the dress code, environment, and indecency behavior has led many questions to be answered.


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