Balochistan Shutter-Down Strike: Protests Erupt Over Alleged Election Rigging in 2024

Alleged Election Rigging Sparks Shutter-Down Strike in Balochistan

Major cities in Balochistan, including Quetta, are in the grip of a complete shutter-down strike today as protesters voice their concerns over alleged election rigging in the recently held 2024 general elections.

Commercial centers and shops in Quetta city remain closed, leading to sparse traffic on the city roads. The strike has been endorsed by four prominent political parties in Balochistan, namely Pashtunkhawa Mili Awami Party, Balochistan National Party, Hazara Democratic Party, and National Party. The collective aim is to bring attention to their claims of electoral manipulation.

These political parties are specifically calling for the preservation of election results in constituencies where their candidates emerged victorious, urging that the outcomes remain unchanged.

However, the Balochistan Government has categorically dismissed the allegations of election rigging, labeling them as baseless. Caretaker Information Minister John Achakzai has appealed to the losing parties to exercise patience and refrain from engaging in agitational activities. He emphasizes that these parties have the right to challenge the election outcomes through appropriate legal channels.

In the border town of Chaman, a similar shutter-down strike is underway following the appeal of the Awami National Party (ANP). ANP has announced the closure of all banks and government offices starting today.

The situation is evolving, and tensions remain high as both the protesting political parties and the government stand firm on their positions. The outcome of this unrest will likely have significant implications for the political landscape in Balochistan.

Syeda Qandeel Zehra
Syeda Qandeel Zehra
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