Central Muslim League to Hosts Grand Sehri in Karachi on 25 Ramadan

Grand Sehri Event Organized for 500,000 People in Karachi by Central Muslim League

The Central Muslim League is gearing up for grand Sehri in Karachi on 25 Ramadan, catering to the needs of 500,000 individuals across the city. This grand initiative aims to provide a memorable Sehri experience for residents during the holy month of Ramadan.

According to sources, open grand Sehri kitchens will be set up at multiple locations in Karachi, ensuring convenient access for the public. The Central Muslim League has emphasized the importance of community dining during Sehri, encouraging families to come together and enjoy the pre-dawn meal at designated dining areas.

Ahmed Nadeem Awan, President of the Central Muslim League Karachi, highlighted the challenges faced by various segments of society due to rising inflation. He stressed the significance of providing affordable and accessible Sehri options, especially for middle-class families, students, and laborers residing in Karachi.

The Sehri event has already commenced with the start of Ramadan, with volunteers delivering Sehri to thousands of deserving households throughout the month. However, the Central Muslim League has now expanded its efforts to host a grand Sehri event, aiming to reach 500,000 individuals and families.

Residents of Karachi are urged to participate in this communal Sehri experience on the 25th night of Ramadan, joining the Central Muslim League for a memorable and meaningful pre-dawn meal celebration.

Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking Sehri event organized by the Central Muslim League in Karachi.

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